Let's Make things Easy

In 2012, I built my first website. It was a wholehearted yet clumsy tribute to my favorite band (The Beatles) made with basic HTML and CSS. After it was finished, I knew I had found something I love to do.

My journey in the world of websites has led to many discoveries. The saddest one being that most websites are falling apart at the seams. They’re built using outdated technology, lack a consistent and organized design, overwhelm you with too much information, and ultimately drive customers away. But these websites helped me find another thing I love to do: make things easy for people.

My mission is to make things easy for you. I take the burden of writing, designing, building, managing, optimizing, and improving your website off your shoulders, turning it into a pleasant and painless experience for you and everyone who visits your site. I specialize in optimizing your website's conversion rate, creating A/B tests based on detailed analytics, and driving organic search traffic.

During my time as Website Manager at Groombuggy, I increased Google Ad conversion rates by 25-30% after refreshing the site’s design and boosted average daily Google search impressions and clicks by 3x in just 6 months.

I know how frustrating it can be to deal with an underperforming website, so if you need some help with yours, please give me a shout!